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麦吉尔大学Nathan Yang学术报告

2018年07月28日 08:39  点击:[]

报告主题:Harnessing the Small Victories: Empirical Evidence from a Calorie and Weight Loss Tracking Application

报告人:Nathan Yang  助理教授

邀请人:宋晓兵  教授

时间及地点:201883日上午10:00-11:00  管经新大楼D209

人物简介:Nathan Yang is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at McGill Desautels Faculty of Management. His main research interests are in big data and machine learning, health and wellness, behavioral science, retail, and empirical industrial organization. He has been published (or has forthcoming work) in Marketing Science, Management Science, Quantitative Economics, International Journal of the Economics of Business, and the Review of Network Economics, and has been widely cited by popular press, including The Economist, Financial Times, and LA Times. He has secured numerous grants to fund his research (e.g., IVADO, SSHRC IDG, NET Institute).

报告摘要:We investigate the role of short-term goal achievement on long-term goal achieve-ment under the context of weight loss. Using novel large-scale data from a popular mobile weight management application, we track the daily dynamics of weight loss and calories consumption across a large number of users.

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